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At Best Bridging Loans we specialise in arranging bridging loans and other types of property finance. We will source the most suitable bridging loans for you from over 30 UK lenders; this includes banks and specialist bridging lenders. As brokers we have access to a vast network of lenders so that you can access the lenders with preferential rates and fees.

Bridging loans are available for most types of residential and commercial property, and land with or without planning permission. Loans are granted primarily when there is sufficient equity in the property used as security but other criteria also apply. 

This is a type of a loan that is usually taken out to solve a cash shortfall that may arise when buying a property or funding a commercial or residential project or can be used against property that is not suitable for a standard bank loan or mortgage.

A bridging finance facility is normally associated with clients seeking fast funding for reasons ranging from buying a property or funding a commercial project – investment or development. Bridging loans are suitable for a wide range of circumstances to help raise finance secured against assets quickly.

Bridging finance can cover the cash gap that occurs prior to the purchasing of a new house or flat and selling of an existing home. These loans are secured, so can be acquired only by pledging collateral, which can be your existing property or one that you are about to purchase.

Found your dream House and short of cash? In this situation bridging loans may be the best solution. The financial gap between the purchase of your new house and sale of the borrower's current home is helped by taking a bridging loan.

Bridging Loans can also be available to the borrowers with bad credit history, without any difficulty.

So, buying the property you need may be easier than you think - “Best Bridging loans” is always ready to assist.


Funds can be arranged in 24 hours

We also arrange:

  • Drawdown Facilities (drawdown fund as needed)
  • Development Finance
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bridging loans
Bridging Loan,Bridging Loans
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